Tips For Decorating Your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen At Christmas.


Christmas is just around the corner and it’s almost time to get our beloved decorations out again. The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s where we spend most of our time, especially during the festive period. The kitchen is where mouth-watering turkey is cooked, and mulled wine is prepared. It’s where we store all our delicious Christmas goods and gather to indulge over exquisite festive favourites and most importantly, it’s a social place where memories are made. Yet, we tend to neglect our kitchens when it comes to decorating. It may be that we’ve exhausted all our efforts into the decoration of the living areas, or it may be that people are worried about Christmas décor in the kitchen getting spoiled with spillages or view decorations as hazardous obstacles in the way of kitchen productivity. But with the kitchen in such constant use over the holidays, we think it would be a shame not to transform your space into a warm, festive environment. Here are some practical ideas for creating your perfectly festive Christmas kitchen.

Change up your kitchen essentials with seasonal versions

Tea towels, aprons and oven mitts are a necessity, so why not add some festive flair to your kitchen and replace them with Christmas alternatives? Your Kitchen will certainly be having the Christmas vibe.

Make your Christmas kitchen extra cosy with evergreens

Nothing is more holiday-like than a pine tree, but no one wants that much space taken up in their kitchen, especially during the hectic holiday season. Instead, opt for a mini tree instead, or stick evergreen garlands on shelves and on the top of cabinets. You could even hang a wreath on one of your walls to give the kitchen a natural, homely Christmas feel.

Make the most of open shelving

Open shelving makes Christmas decorating a simple task. You could simply display Christmas mugs or bowls at the front of open shelves where they will always be visible. Opt for red and green mugs to make them extra Christmas-like!

Open Up Alcohol Cabinets

What better time is there to put your alcoholic goods on display than the Christmas period? You could organise your spirits and display them neatly for when party guests arrive and even add some festive garlands to add colour and a celebratory flair.

Get Creative

Decorating your kitchen needn’t be expensive. Add some individuality to your kitchen and create something out of belongings you already have. Why not add some baubles that go with the colour scheme of your kitchen and put them in wine glasses you can put on display?


Freestanding furniture is the perfect place for a Christmas centrepiece. Instead of splashing the cash, you could make your own using things like pinecones, candles, evergreens and baubles and give your kitchen a personal flair.


Kill two birds with one stone by putting a festive scented candle in your kitchen. You’ll add a scrumptious smell to the kitchen and add a subtle festive touch. 

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