Our Range

At Masterclass Interiors, we have acknowledged that they are various different types of kitchens. They are known as; Galley Kitchens, One-wall kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, L-Shaped Kitchens, Island Kitchens and Peninsula Kitchens. We offer all these styles at Masterclass to ensure that every kitchen looks extremely luxurious and unique in every home.

Our specialist designers will create the kitchen to your requirements and meet all specifications that you have. We design and cater Modern, Shaker, Traditional and many more styles of kitchens.

Also, at Masterclass we have acknowledged that there are different types of kitchen cabinets that can be choosen for your kitchen this includes Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, Louvered Kitchen and many more available. At Masterclass, our goal is to ensure that we create a kitchen to your requirements.

Hampton Range

One of our many popular ranges of kitchens we supply at Masterclass interiors is the Hampton range. The Hampton range's woodgrain texture and neutral colours will give your kitchen an extremely cosy, nostalgic feel, bolstered by its framed shaker doors. It's sure to create a wonderful and beautiful family atmosphere, with pale, subtle wall colour's showing off this high demand shaker range to great effect.

Also, The Hampton range of shaker kitchens features impeccable clean lines and a matt finish. When Mixing clean lines and a rustic charm, the result is a gorgeous kitchen with a truly timeless appeal. The off-white Ivory finish is a popular and versatile choice which customers choose from the Hampton range however, more colours are available. Do check out our Hampton Range.


Larna Range

Another popular range of kitchen we supply at Masterclass Interiors is the Larna Range. The Larna Range has an extremely Beautiful texture and a wonderful neutral colour palette. Larna's paint effect finish with horizontal grain, will give you the flexibility and creativity to design the dream kitchen and living space which you desire. A winning combination when mixed with Sutton, Hampton or Lumina.

The colours that come with Larna Range are the following; scots grey, light grey, highland stone, Farringdon grey, stone grey and graphite. Larna creates a very clever and considered kitchen design with attractive lines. It is an absolute great option for busier homes as it is forgiving of marks, smudges and fingerprints. Do check out our Larna Range.


Lumina Range

Another great popular range of kitchen we supply at Masterclass interiors is the Lumina Range. The Lumina range is high quality which will definitely make your kitchen appear luxurious. Lumina is the ultimate gloss flat slab style kitchen.

It indeed Creates a bold statement in your home with the sleek and sophisticated style of Lumina's modern gloss finish, which is perfect for mixing and matching with our Deco and Madoc ranges. The Lumina range will definitely give the Ultra-glossy and ultra-stylish appearance to your dream kitchen. Our Lumina range epitomises the modern urban look with its ultra-high gloss finish and contemporary colour palette. Do check out our Lumina Range.


Marlborough Range

The Marlborough range is another excellent range of kitchen which we supply at Masterclass Interiors. Marlborough range is an indeed classic yet versatile shaker kitchen design that is complimented perfectly by a smooth and tactile Silk paint palette.

By having this kitchen range, your dream kitchen will definitely appear as an outstanding and timeless kitchen design. Marlborough is the epitome of simple sophistication. This classic shaker design is indeed a versatile range that is complimented perfectly by the flawless and elegant Silk paint palette.

This range has a wealth of Masterclass exclusive accessories and internals, such as a classic mantle, shaker detailed panelling and chef's tables. Specially designed accessories help aid the creation of a bespoke inframe look and when combined with our grand cornice and under cornice you can create a magnificent kitchen design. Do indeed check out our Marlborough range.


Nevada Range

Nevada range is another lovely and popular range of kitchen which we supply at Masterclass interiors. Nevada is indeed a stunning high gloss slab door style kitchen with a contemporary and modern feel. Nevada offers a grey based colour palette for an elegant and luxurious finish to your new kitchen.

The Nevada range has Striking gloss doors in a varied and vibrant palette, coupled with our unique features such as Flight Units create a very individual and desirable gloss kitchen. By Choosing the Nevada range in your dream kitchen, it will definitely make your kitchen appear as a lovely and attractive kitchen. Do check out our Nevada Range.


Shelford Range

Shelford range is another gorgeous and popular kitchen range we supply at Masterclass interiors. Shelford is indeed the perfect example of clean lines and elegant luxury in a shaker kitchen. Shelford doors are vinyl wrapped allowing them to live up to the demands of daily life, making them ideal for busier households.

Shelford is a kitchen range that displays pure elegance with its clean lines and smooth Silk finish. Its neutral colour palette offers a natural finish to your new kitchen. By having the Shelford kitchen range in your desired kitchen, it will definitely make your kitchen appear as a timeless and impeccable kitchen. Do check out our Shelford range.