Smeg UK, who have been established since 1989, has indeed been supplying premium domestic kitchen appliances across the United Kingdom for more than 20 years. They are based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, the company indeed supplies an extensive range of over 750 products across all corners of the United Kingdom via its growing infrastructure network, of major retailers and distributors throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland. The product range, which Smeg supply, includes a vast choice of Italian inspired cooking appliances. This includes ovens, hobs, range cookers and extractor hoods. Smeg also have an expanding range of refrigerators and washing machines.


Smeg’s cooking appliances are very outstanding appliances to have in your dream kitchen. This includes the extremely beautiful range of ovens, extractor hoods and hobs. Smeg’s very extensive range of built-in ovens offer a good wealth of excellent features, guaranteeing extreme flexibility of use, high performance and maximum safety, whilst paying particular and specific attention to design, aesthetics and functionality.


Smeg ovens are designed from the very best materials including stainless steel, glass and enamel. Smeg’s hobs utilise extreme cutting-edge technology and designed only using premium materials including stainless steel, glass, and cast-iron pan stands. Smeg’s highly extensive range of hobs comprises gas, ceramic, induction and electric models, which are available in a choice of sizes and finishes to co-ordinate perfectly with Smeg’s built-in ovens. The very elegant and stylish hoods from Smeg combine excellent performance with solid construction. Choose from a wide range selection of chimney or island extraction models, or alternatively, a built-in ceiling, canopy, or telescopic model. Smeg cooking appliances are indeed extremely useful to have in your home kitchen.


Smeg’s Refrigeration appliances are exceptionally useful to have in your admired kitchen. As a customer, Whether you prefer the modern design of a stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator or the very bold, curvy lines of the 50’s style retro range, Smeg offer a huge stunning collection of refrigerators and freezers, intended to look great and keep your food fresh and drinks cool. As a customer, you can Choose from a wide range of models including single, double and built-in models, all offering great performance and energy efficiency.


The different ranges of the Smeg refrigeration systems will definitely make your kitchen appear that much more modern and elegant.


Smeg’s dishwasher appliances are superbly useful to have in your dream kitchen. Smeg dishwashers, which are both freestanding and built in, offer immensely great performance. They are also very quiet in your dream kitchen. The dishwashers also vary in terms of installation, style, size and load capacity. As a customer, whether you are looking for a 45cm model perfect for confined spaces, or a full size 60cm machine with a large 13 or 14 place settings, Smeg offer model to suit your needs.  Whether you are looking for a classic white, stainless steel, black or even 50’s style retro machine, the choice is yours. Smeg’s sinks and taps are very appealing and make your dream kitchen look extremely gorgeous and fabulous. Smeg offer a large number of wide collection of sinks. The sinks and taps from Smeg are a perfect addition to any kitchen. Smeg sinks are finished to a particularly high standard and are manufactured from premium stainless steel. Smeg sinks are available with ultra-low profile, inset and undermounted fittings, designed to best suit the layout of your work surface. Select from single, 1.5 or double bowl options, with or without a drainer. To make your sink appear extremely gorgeous in your dream kitchen, combine your Smeg sink with the beautiful Smeg taps. Choose from either brushed stainless steel, nickel or chrome finishes, as well as taps with single or twin levers.


Smeg’s Laundry systems are indeed excellent to have in your dream kitchen as they will be very beneficial for you. Offering extremely excellent performance and sought-after style, the distinctive and creative design of Smeg washing machines and tumble dryers makes them not just simply appliances, but also inspirational and mind-blowing pieces of kitchen furniture. From integrated to freestanding stainless steel or colourful 50’s style, Smeg has a laundry appliance for your very home dream kitchen. Our washing machines and tumble dryers have a range of programmes including: superfast 15 minutes for small amounts of washing that need cleaning quickly; a night programme which is indeed quieter; an automatic load balancing system which adjust water amounts dependent on washing weight; a total aqua stop feature for protection against leakage and clear LED displays. All laundry products have a stainless-steel drum and polypropylene tank and with a large 300mm or extra-large 340mm porthole. Smeg laundry systems are very modern but also very traditional so do have a look at the Smeg range of laundry systems.