Swift UK

Swift UK is a very well acknowledged company which supplies top of the range kitchen appliances.  For an estimate of 40 years, Swift has played a very big key role in the supply of kitchen appliances to the trade throughout the United Kingdom. As one of the biggest distributors of electrical appliances and sinks in the country, Swift UK indeed have a reputation for reliability, service and value that is difficult to match. Over the number of years, Swift U.K have built relationships with some of the very biggest names in the industry such as Bosch, Indesit, Hotpoint, Hoover, Candy, Smeg and Franke. To bring you the sweetness of the appliance market. Do Check out Swift UK


Swift UK Cooking appliance are very exceptionally beneficial to have in your home dream kitchen. This includes Ovens, Hobs, Extractors and Range cookers. The range of ovens, which Swift supply are freestanding cookers and integrated ovens. The brand ovens they supply are the following; Belling, Bertazonni, Bosch, Candy and much more. The range of hobs, which Swift supply, are also Belling, Bertazonni, Bosch, Candy and much more.  Also do check out their Extractors and range cookers as supply different brands for the product. Do indeed check out their Cooking appliances as they will indeed make your kitchen look fabulous.


Swift UK have a lovely range of refrigeration appliances which will benefit you as it will make your kitchen appear gorgeous and fantastic. They are freestanding fridges and integrated fridges. The brands, which Swift UK supply, are the following; Bosch, Candy, Hoover, Hotpoint and much more. Do check out their refrigeration appliances as they will make your kitchen look lovely. Swift UK have a lovely range of dishwashing appliances which will be beneficial as your kitchen will look superb. They have freestanding and integrated dishwashers. The brands which Swift UK supply for their dishwashers are the following; Belling, Bosch, Britannia, Candy, Hoover and much more big brand names. Do definitely check out their dishwashing appliances as they will be of a excellent use in your dream kitchen.


Swift UK laundry appliances are exceptionally beneficial for you to have in your dream kitchen. They are two range from the washing machine which they supply. Freestanding washing machines and integrated washing machines. The brand of washing machines which Swift UK supply are the following; Bosch, Candy, Hoover, Hotpoint and much more. They also have freestanding dryers and integrated dryers. They only supply 2 brand which are; white knight and Candy.  Do indeed check out Swift UK laundry appliances as they will look beautiful and functional.


Swift UK have a lovely range of sink and taps. They are definitely beneficial for you to have in your dream and admired kitchen. Swift have a full range of sinks and associated products to enhance any kitchen project. With their sink Range, they have three main ranges which they supply. The three ranges are; Franke, Smeg and Tagus. They are indeed reasonably price and definitely will make your kitchen appear fabulous. Swift also have a lovely and large range of taps. The tap ranges are; Franke, insinkerator, Perrin & Rowe, Smeg and Tagus. The sink and tap ranges are indeed fabulous to have from Swift so do indeed check them out.