Caple are a well-established company which supply kitchen appliances.The Caple team cutting edge design with technology and materials, to bring you a truly and very fresh and exciting range of kitchen appliances. Caple are indeed Typically known for their stunning wine cabinets, Caple have a high number of wide ranges of superb kitchen appliances from cooker hoods, air venting induction hobs and stylish built in cooking appliances, all inspired by you and your lifestyle. Caple’s extensive range of sinks and taps are available in many different colours and styles to suit any kitchen design.

Caple’s indeed have a lovely range of cooking appliances. This includes Extractor hoods, Hobs and ovens. A well-structured extractor hood does more than just help to capture and eliminate odours from your kitchen. The extractor Chooses to be bold and use it as a visual focal point too. Caple cooker hoods are indeed sleek, stylish and add the perfect element of design in your dream kitchen. Whether you require a ceiling, downdraft or island hood, Caple have your kitchen design covered. The cooker hobs, which Caple supply, are also very modern and fantastic to have combined with a top of the range Caple extractor hood and oven.  At Caple’s, the range of ovens has just expanded. Now with three extremely stunning ranges; Classic, Sense Premium and Sense you are sure to find the perfect oven for you. Whether you require something basic, self-cleaning, with chef functions, single or double, Caple have something for every budding chef or baker. The three ranges are available in a variation of colours, styles and functions, Caple have your cooking necessities covered. Do indeed check out Caple’s cooking appliances.


Caple’s refrigeration appliances are indeed beneficial to have in your dream kitchen. As a customer, whether you want a discreet space-saving under the worktop counter fridge or something more spacious and mind blowing like an American Style fridge freezer, Caple’s high range of fridges and freezers give you all the options you require. The refrigeration’s are available in a variation of finishes, sizes and combinations plus integrated and freestanding options, Caple refrigeration is a superb choice for your kitchen. Do indeed check out the refrigeration appliances from the Caple range.


Caple’s dishwashing appliances are indeed very beneficial to have in your dream kitchen. If you certainly ask many people to name a household item they would not want to live without, and many will indeed answer “dishwasher”. The excellent news is Caple’s reliable dishwashers will give you load after load of squeaky-clean pans and glassware that sparkles like new. Add to this a minimum of an A+ energy rating, low water consumption, and a wide range of programmes to suit all users, and you have your perfect kitchen helper. Do definitely check out Caple’s dishwashing appliances.


Caple’s laundry appliances are exceptionally beneficial to have in your admired and dream kitchen. This includes the washing machines and tumble dryers. At Caples, the washing machines are reliable and economical. The washing machines is a must have appliance for any family. One of the hardest working machines in the home, Caple’s washers deal calmly and efficiently with all manner of laundry. Caple washing machines are designed to accurately make the load easier: look out for super-sharp LED displays and extra-large doors for easy loading. With superior energy levels and water consumption, our washing machines won’t run up your bills, however often you run them. Caple’s intelligent tumble dryers make sure you always have a pile of soft, freshly laundered garments ready when you need them. The TDi111 has drum sensors that keep checking on progress another task taken off your hands. There are six levels of dryness, so you can choose finishes ranging from ready-to-wear and easy-to-iron. With generous 6 or 7 kilo capacities, these are essential machines for busy families. Do indeed check out the Caples laundry appliances.


Caple’s have a lovely range of sink and tap appliances for your dream kitchen. Sinks are indeed no longer an afterthought when it comes to designing your dream and admired kitchen. They are now more of a considered decision in terms of both style and functionality. Caple deal with a wide variety of finishes, which you can choose between traditional ceramic, contemporary stainless steel or practical granite. Whether you are looking for an undermounted, inset or a Belfast sink, Caple have something to indeed suit every taste. At Caples, when it comes to taps there are so many options available in terms of design and technology, the right tap can certainly set the tone for your entire kitchen. Caple supply taps in a range of colour options from classic stainless or brushed steel to modern gunmetal or copper. A fantastic addition to the Caple tap range is the steaming water tap, at 98 degrees you can instantly make a very hot drink. Do indeed check out Caples ranges of sink and taps.