New Double Cavity 120CM Portofino Cooker For Your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen Design From Smeg UK.


The Wonderful Smeg Portofino aesthetic, inspired by the rich tones of the Mediterranean, provides a light and vibrant colour pallet combined with the raw strength of stainless steel. This charming range currently consists of single cavity 90cm cookers and hoods to match, which come in a variety of beautiful hues and offer superb performance and clean lines typical of professional kitchen design.

Recently unveiled at Smeg’s flagship London store, a 120cm wide Portofino cooker has now been added to the range along with matching hoods. Available in 5 colour options from more traditional Black, White and Stainless-steel choices to colourful Red and a unique Turquoise hue, the first of its colour to be found within the Smeg range.


This impressive and marvelous cooker, the CPF120IGMP, offers two full sized cavities perfect for those with large families or who simply love to entertain. The left-hand cavity offers a large 70 litre net capacity with 5 shelves positions and metal side supports enabling maximum flexibility of use and allowing different courses to be cooked simultaneously when used in conjunction with the Circulaire function. This cavity has a pyrolytic cleaning function which can be used to remove grease and dirt stuck to the walls of the cavity by reducing it to ash using its extremely high temperature. The ash can then be easily wiped away afterwards leaving your cavity looking as good as new. The right-hand cavity offers a slightly smaller 63 litres net capacity but still has the same 5 shelve positions and metal side supports as the left cavity. The extra lighterage houses an evaporation tray at the bottom of the cavity and by manually filling this up with water, steam is generated and distributed inside the oven cavity using direct steam technology. By cooking in this way, you can create healthier dishes, minimize meat shrinkage and reduce cooking times. It also has a vapor clean function which loosens dirt from the walls for easier cleaning.

Both cavities feature an easy clean enamel interior, a special anti-acid enamel which makes it harder for fats to adhere to the walls of the cavity, whilst soft close oven doors, allows the door to close in a silent, soft motion, with no need to push it in. Storage drawers are also located below the oven cavities for extra storage.

Smart individual touch timer displays are featured above each cavity, surrounded by robust and ergonomic metal control knobs, for a professional aesthetic.

The hob top has something for everyone with a variety of cooking options to hand! It offers a mixture of fuels with 3 gas burners ideal for traditional cooking, a built in teppanyaki great for cooking meats or vegetables directly on the plate and a domino induction hob with multizone capabilities for fast precise cooking.

Standard accessories supplied with this cooker include telescopic rails, trays and shelves as well as a temperature probe! This probe allows the core temperature of the food to be monitored throughout the cooking process allowing for precise cooking results.


So, if you are looking for a beautiful cooker that will find cooking this year’s Christmas dinner a breeze, offers an abundance of features setting it apart from others on the market, and will uniquely introduce a burst of colour into your kitchen, then Smeg’s latest Portofino cooker is the perfect choice for your home.