New Ceramic sinks for your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen by Smeg UK


At Masterclass Interiors, we supply a lovely range of appliances from Smeg UK. One of the wonderful products that we provide for your Masterclass Interiors kitchen is the new ceramic sinks from Smeg UK. Do consider this product for your lovely kitchen.

 Smeg UK is known for offering a nostalgic quality through an array of appliances such as; 50’s style FAB refrigeration, the Victoria aesthetic line, and even toasters and kettles. The Smeg UK sink range however has primarily offered contemporary styles, until now…Two new charming sinks have been introduced to the Smeg UK sink range that will have you racing to put on your marigolds and enjoy the simple pleasure of washing up once more, the C959BTWH and C959FHWH, guaranteed to bring a nostalgic ambience to your home with a rustic twist.

These new White ceramic sinks are available in two designs; Butler or Farmhouse style. Historically found in farmhouses, back kitchens and butlers pantries, these heavy-duty ceramic sinks designs are one of the most sought-after statement pieces in a kitchen.

These beautifully crafted, hand finished sinks are manufactured from the finest fine fireclay, which is extremely smooth, hygienic, and simple to keep clean. It is also resistant to extremes of temperature, making them very robust, resilient and long lasting. The fine fireclay also gives the sinks a very appealing and beautiful high shine appearance.

Once installed, the front of these impressive sinks is exposed, reducing the strain of leaning over the side to use it, whilst creating an added dimension of style. These large spacious bowls are ideal for those without a dishwasher in the kitchen or for larger families, as much more washing up can be done when compared to a traditional sink. Large pots, pans and trays can be washed with ease, especially when combined with one of Smeg’s spray taps which offer powerful rinising and helps to reach all corners of the bowl.

Whether you have a traditional country-styled kitchen or something much more modern, these sinks will blend seamlessly into any aesthetic whilst still guaranteeing the desired WOW factor in your kitchen.