The Wall Mounted Bio Hood for Your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen Design By Elica.


At Masterclass Interiors, we supply a wonderful range of hoods from Elica for your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen Design. By having an Elica Hood In Your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen Design, Your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen Design will certainly appear Modern and up to date. One of the Many Great Hoods That We Supply Is The Bio Wall Mounted Hood. Bio is indeed the new Elica hood that maintains traditional lines while being, at the same time, innovative. Satin white paired with natural wood, allows for great versatility, making it go together with any space.

This hood certainly becomes a one of a kind elements of design, blending together nature with top Elica home technology, in terms of aspiration, noise levels and filtering efficiency. Designed to be either wall mounted or island, Bio is modular and can be adapted thanks to its shelves, which make it completely able to blend in with the rest of the kitchen layout. The innovative feature Tune-White degrees allows you to regulate the tone of white of the lighting, in order to adapt the hood light with other kitchen lighting, thus creating the best environment according to your taste and needs. It is operated by a touch control on transparent elements, designed to ensure maximum comfort. Equipped with tablet/smartphone support and a USB charger, it also includes sensor technology, which allows for the best automatic aspiration of vapours. Thanks to these features, Bio enters straight into the new Elica T├ęchne product line, created to join design with the best of what technology has to offer.

Do indeed Consider The wonderful Bio Wall Mounted Hood For Your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen Design.