The FWV902BL Integrated Wine Cooler for Your Masterclass Interiors Kitchen From CDA


At Masterclass Interiors, we supply a marvellous range of appliances from CDA appliances for your Masterclass Interiors kitchen design. The Appliances from CDA are indeed very beneficial to have in your Masterclass Interiors kitchen design. One of the many great appliances that we supply from CDA is the FWV902BL Integrated wine cooler. This wine cooler is beautiful, and it is reasonably priced.

The FWV902 is a beautiful integrated, dual zone wine cooler. Capable of holding up to 55 bottles, with LED lighting and triple UV protected smoked glass door, it will ensure your wine is kept in optimal conditions. It comes complete with 5 wooden slides out shelves, an electronic temperature control with a memory function and alarm, and a display shelf to showcase your favourite wines.

 The Features are the following; Dual temperature storage zones, Red digital display, Triple glazed door, UV-protective smoked toughened glass door, 5 wooden slide-out shelves and 1 wooden display shelf, Display light function, Energy saving mode, Temperature memory function, Humidifier to maintain 50-80% RH, Electronic temperature control, LED interior lighting, Over temperature alarm, Door open alarm and Reversible door. These features are certainly very beneficial to have in your Masterclass Interiors kitchen design.

 Do indeed have a look at the Wine cooler from CDA.